Rite KnowledgeLabs experts discuss the key drivers of building corporate websites
as the key digital asset for your business.

Is your Corporate Website the Key Digital Asset for your business?


With social media and customer-oriented apps taking away significant mindshare, most businesses ignore the strategic importance of corporate websites. A corporate website, if used properly, can become the most powerful tool to not only build reputation and trust online but also meaningfully extend to deliver genuine customer experiences and engagement in social media. Read more

Design Thinking – How to put “Design” at the center of your Business?


Today one of the most (ab)used word in the corporate world is “Design Thinking”, as “Strategy” was in the last decade. Design, creativity and art have been historically abhorred in the corporate world; processes (standard operating procedures), routines, discipline, productivity, management being a science and not art, etc. have ruled the corporate thinking in the last three to four decades. Read more